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About the Africa Investment Earthshot

The Africa Investment Earthshot aims to catalyse investment that accelerates Africa’s emergence as a green industrial hub. This will supercharge the continent's ability to champion solutions to the global climate crisis and help to deliver a just future for youth and local communities.


Originally developed during Europe’s Energy Earthshot and launched at the Africa Climate Summit in September 2023 (as the Africa-Europe Earthshot), the initiative recognised Europe as a natural first partner in supporting Africa’s green industrial agenda as an investor, off-taker and technical advisor. As institutional investors, policymakers and industrial actors from both continents convened for the first step in co-creating the necessary enabling environments, the urgent need to accelerate green investment became clear: paving the way for a refocusing as the Africa Investment Earthshot.


The Africa Investment Earthshot is a collaboration between the Climate Action Platform for Africa (CAP-A), Africa-Europe Foundation, Africa Investor Group, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, WRI Africa and The B Team.

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