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Unlocking finance for Africa’s green industrialisation and climate-positive growth

Climate-progressive governments, investors, philanthropists and industrial leaders from across Africa and beyond will build and scale new industries, create jobs and empower local communities

A generational opportunity to catalyse a just transition to clean energy for Africa and the world

Alongside vast wind, hydropower and geothermal resources, Africa leads the world in solar power potential and boasts its youngest population. Yet the continent is home to only 3% of renewable energy jobs and received just 2% of global renewable energy investments across the past two decades.

Africa is uniquely positioned to emerge as a global green industrial hub, provided its leaders and their partners can shift the narrative and equitably mobilise the requisite capital.


Beginning with the European Union, -a natural first partner- as an off-taker, investor and technology advisor, Africa’s green manufacturing potential will be unlocked, paving the way to future global partnerships.


Join us.


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